Abstract California Poppy Field


Abstract California Poppy Field . . . A California field of brilliant red poppies against a yellow-green hedge, blurred by the heat of a Summer day was the inspiration for this painting.


. . . 10”x 10”,  not framed . . . abstract California poppy field encaustic original painting. My inspiration for this painting was a distant field of wild, red poppies in California bordered by a long row of yellow green hedge. It was a such a hot day that the poppies seemed to waver and blend together in the distance. I don’t normally paint abstract but this image stayed with me until I did!

No frame included . . . This painting comes unframed and can be hung as is or displayed on an easel. The frame in the photo is shown as a suggestion only.

After a hiatus from Etsy, staying busy with art shows and gallery exhibits for the last few years, I’m now returning due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Staying close in as much as possible I’m in the studio every day working on encaustics. I hesitate to call it ‘work’ because I love encaustics so much! I’d give it away if I didn’t have to buy supplies and pay for utilities! I hope you’ll find something in my Etsy shop that you will love as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Encaustic art has survived for over 2000 years, longer than any other painting form and is still exhibited in museums around the world. If you care to learn more about the origins of encaustic art consider searching for Fayum Mummy Encaustic Art.

I’ve been an artist all my life and encaustic art is my passion! By purchasing my encaustic art you allow me to continue to paint every day and I appreciate that more that you will ever know! My art is my life! please visit my Etsy shop for more encaustic art.


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