Artist Profile

La’Nelle Gambrell


I’ve been an artist all my life. I studied studio arts at College of the Desert Arts in Palm Desert, California and graphic design and journalism at the University of Houston, Houston, Texas. I also studied privately for two years with the well known Texas sculptor, Ellsworth Handy.

During my career in television and later as the owner of La’Nelle Gambrell Advertising/Art I continued to paint, enter shows and exhibit. After moving to the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in 2009 I discovered the ancient art of encaustic and fell in love with the depth and translucency that can only be achieved with flame and molten bees wax. A member of the Arkansas Craft School and the Mt View Art Guild in Mt View, Arkansas, I also participate in the annual ‘Off the Beaten Path Studio’ tour and teach encaustic art at my mountain top studio. I continue to work on new encaustic techniques and experiment with pigment mixtures and tinted shellac.

When not painting, writing or teaching, I love kayaking and antique shopping. I’m a huge animal lover and animal shelter volunteer, always reminding friends to be responsible pet owners by having their pets spayed or neutered.