Geranium . . . 5”x7”, framed, original, one of a kind, encaustic painting


Geranium . . . 5”x 7”, Original, one of a kind encaustic painting


The effects in this original painting were achieved using a tiny, steel brush heated to 170-200 degrees or more. After the glass surface has been acid etched so that the wax will adhere, molten wax is applied in what I call, my ‘dot & dab’ method. If you look closely you can see each tiny brush stroke, actually more of a dab than a stroke. Dabbing over and over hundreds of times eventually produces a painting! Using only pure, filtered bees wax, damar tree resin as a hardener and natural pigment, the colors are mixed/blended on the board as they are applied. After every application of wax the painting is heated by a torch flame to seal each layer to the previous one otherwise the wax layers could separate with changes in temperature.

7”x9” framed

I use only solid wood panels or acid etched glass panels as the strata for my work, never stretched canvas. Encaustic art has survived for over 2000 years, longer than any other painting form and is still exhibited in museums around the world. If you care to learn more about the origins of encaustic art consider searching for Fayum Mummy Encaustic Art. For more information about my encaustic process please visit my website . . .


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