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Just a quick update about RUST . . .

I’ve been working for quite some time now trying to improve my recipe for rust! That’s right plain old rust! Forever I’ve been wanting to incorporate rust effects in my encaustic painting and I have FINALLY achieved a mixture I’m happy with. Oddly enough I had an ancestor that was an alchemist and was imprisoned for many years while he tried to please the king with his achievements. I felt a kinship with him during this whole process. Eventually the ancestor (Fredrick Wilhielm Bottiger) made a discovery that greatly pleased the king and he was released from prison, given a title and land, he married and had a child . . . One child, from which I descend so that I could lock myself away for months (not years, thank goodness) and try to conjure up a solution for rust!

So, now I have the recipe and it works exactly as planned and very soon I will have a blog entry where we will create a rusted encaustic piece of art! I’ll even give you my hard earned rust recipe!

But first I think we may do some encaustic pendants. I’ll get back soon and we’ll do that. If you’d like to see the rust encaustics I’ve just finished I just now put them in my Etsy shop. You can click on the Etsy Shop link on the home page here or go to Etsy and search for LaNelleGambrellArt . . . The click is quicker. I just L-O-V-E RUST! Let me know what you think about mixing encaustic with rust. Want to give it a try?

Be back soon!

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