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Irreverent Encaustics #2 . . .

January 1, 2021 . . .

The view from my front porch this morning on top of Fox Mountain in the middle of the Ozarks . . . Brrrrr . . . That’s ice, not snow. 
I’m staying toasty in the studio straightening things up a bit, getting ready to start a new encaustic project to blog about.  I plan to take photos to show the progress as I go along. Still haven’t quiet decided how to proceed. Perhaps I’ll start with something small and simple . . . Not too complicated in the beginning.

Mail delivery here has been a little off lately, UPS, FedEx as well as the USPS have had some problems. I’m still waiting on two orders that should have come two days ago. One is for a tripod for the camera I hope to use for photographing the encaustic pieces I’ll be working on. Can’t have a art blog without photos!

Happy 2021 everyone! Stay safe, stay healthy and create some art! See you again real soon.


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